Jersalem Campus
The campus office in Har Nof, Jerusalem provides information about Neve’s schools and programs. The office is responsible for all the students’ needs while they are in Israel. General inquires can be sent via email, and questions will be answered in a timely fashion.

Rechov Beit Yitzchak 1
P.O. Box 43016
Har Nof, Jerusalem, Israel 91430

Tel: 011-972-2-654-4500
Fax: 011-972-2-651-9376

New York Office
The administrative office in New York serves as a main contact for those seeking information about Neve College for Women and other schools on the Neve campus. The office assists students in the admission process and also serves as a contact for those seeking to donate. Lise Panish directs the office and is available to help you.
Neve College for Women 111 John Street Suite 1720 New York, NY 10038
Tel: (212) 422-1110 Fax: (212) 785-0898
Bnos Avigayil
Head of Dept: Rabbi Kass and Rebbetzin Heller
Tel. +972-2-654-4553

Bnos Sara
Head of Dept: Mrs. Judy Epstein and Mrs. Esther Malka Zalasnik
Tel. +972-2-654-4525

Midreshet Tehilla
Head of Dept: Rabbi Jeremy Kagan
Tel. +972-2-654-4578
Other Depts & Schools

Neve Chaim – Israeli Department

Head of Dept: Rabbi Yechezkel Manat

Maalot Yerushalayim

Head of Dept: Rabbi Yosef Cowen
Tel. +972-2-654-4548

Seminar Lapidot – High School

Neve Family Institute

Head of Dept: Dr. Yisroel Levitz

Synagogue – for students and surrounding community

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