At Neve, you'll explore the full range of the Jewish experience.


Neve offers introductory, intermediate and advanced study programs that last from one week to two years. Students are encouraged to explore the full range of the Jewish experience, including classes, Shabbat retreats, volunteering and travel. We welcome students to come for as long as they choose.

There are five levels of study. Upon acceptance to the school, you will be assigned a level of study that fits your needs. Students can later move on to more advanced levels of study. Read on to learn more about each program level.

Welcome to Mechina, where the biggest and most fundamental questions about Judaism will be discussed. What is G-d? What is the difference between Judaism and other religions? Why does Judaism have so many rules? Newcomers to Jewish studies have found the Mechina program to be one of the most refreshing experiences of their lives. You can ask anything, truly anything, and have your questions thoroughly explored.

Gesher allows students to build upon the enthusiasm of Mechina and go deeper. Students are empowered as they learn about great Jewish women throughout history and the values they upheld. Personal development workshops allow students to reflect together, while an introduction to Jewish law (halacha) allows students to experiment with rituals, such as saying blessings over food, celebrating Shabbat and keeping kosher, at their own pace.

Yesod builds upon the fundamentals of Judaism with an opportunity to fine-tune textual skills and gain an understanding of Judaism’s relevance to daily life. Yesod students investigate in-depth concepts regarding practical Jewish living, with classes that explore the holidays, Jewish law and how to develop moral traits. Jewish spiritual and intellectual traditions, such as chassidut and mussar, are studied in historical context and in regard to applicability in modern times.

Afikim allows a student to take the Jewish knowledge built up from previous levels and to integrate it into a personal, daily expression of what Judaism means to them. For students who are ready to move toward an independent Jewish life, Afikim provides the advanced textual skills, deeper character development and Jewish education they need to move forward. Classes go into depth regarding the meanings behind Jewish rituals such as prayer and Torah’s interpersonal and monetary laws. Afikim students also develop familiarity with the less-studied Jewish texts, such as the prophets and scriptural writings.

Hadar is Neve’s most advanced level of study. Before coming to class, students prepare independently by studying Torah texts in advance. They not only learn about Jewish law, but also come to understand its origin in early Torah sources and how these are applied to the present day. Students study advanced ideas in personal growth and philosophy. They engage in rigorous thought surrounding the commentaries on the Torah. When it comes to exploring their own lives, they practice deep critical thinking as they connect their Jewish learning to current events and to contemporary life.

Admission Requirements
  1. Neve accepts students aged 18-33.
  2. Jewish Studies Background:
    The Mechina level is for Jewish women who do not yet know the basics of Judaism, who feel they have a beginner’s level of knowledge or who would enjoy a general refresher of the foundations of Judaism. Jewish women with no knowledge of their heritage are welcome and will be supported along their journey by teachers and mentors. All other program levels are for Jewish women with an intermediate level of knowledge.
  3. Country of Origin: Students are accepted from any country, provided they are fluent in English.
  4. Health requirements: Good emotional and physical health is required. Women with physical disabilities are encouraged to apply, but details about the campus should be discussed prior to arrival to ensure that requirements can be comfortably met.
  5. Housing: Students live in furnished dormitories located on the Neve Campus. If a student chooses to reside off-campus, the room fee will be deducted from the cost of tuition.
Costs and Financial Aid
Students who are unable to pay for the cost of a Neve education should first investigate the possibility of receiving monetary support from their local Jewish federations, synagogues, youth groups, or other organizations that offer scholarships for study in Israel. If the student is still unable to fully fund her education, she may apply for financial assistance. The school will send a Financial Assistance Request Form on which the student can document her economic hardship. Neve will never turn away a qualified student who requires financial support.
Can I Use My Neve Courses as College Credits?

Many colleges and universities accept Neve courses for credit. Students must study at Neve for a minimum of four weeks in order to be eligible to earn college credit. It is important that the student consult the registrar of the home college she is attending, or plans to attend, to understand their college policy. A transcript for courses successfully completed at Neve will be issued upon request. The fee for each transcript is $10.00 USD and this can be paid by credit card. Note that once the request is received, it takes approximately a month to process a transcript.

Please click here to download a Transcript Request Form in PDF format. Adobe Reader 8 or above is required in order to open the file.

Sponsor a Student

It costs $2,500 USD per month to send a Jewish woman to Neve College. Consider providing a scholarship to a student who is unable to pay to attend. You can make an immediate difference in her future.

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