Neve was founded in dedication to Jewish women, to give them the knowledge they need to flourish.

Neve’s mission is to educate, empower and inspire. It is a geared toward young Jewish women from ages 18 to 33. It was founded in 1970 by Rabbi Dr. Dovid Refson to give Jewish women a Torah education in a vibrant, open-minded atmosphere. Women who come to Neve might have a beginner’s knowledge of Judaism or have taken a few classes. We also accept students who have an advanced education and want to deepen their understanding and become leaders. Neve gives the support needed to help women challenge the status quo and make independent choices.


Neve was founded in 1970 by Rabbi Dr. David Refson. Rabbi Dr. Refson intended to begin a men’s yeshivah, but he was met with women inquiring about learning opportunities. Inspired by the obvious demand, Neve opened its doors in the Bayit Vegan neighborhood, offering Jewish education for unaffiliated Jewish women. This was completely unique at the time and Neve thrived, with two buildings and about 30 women.

In 1987, Neve College for Women moved to its permanent home, spread across six acres on one of the highest points of Jerusalem. Our picturesque campus continues to provide a safe and nurturing environment where Jewish women can explore and find meaning in their Jewish identity.

Neve offers five levels of study, ranging from introductory to advanced. Students can come anytime throughout the year and stay for anywhere from one week to one year.

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The Neve campus is home to several other seminaries as well, adding to the immersive and rich diversity on campus for all kinds of frumkeit.

Thirteen buildings occupy the campus, which has a gym, art room, organic garden, library and student-run thrift store. Music activities, dance and theater performances, writing workshops, monthly brunches, seminars and extracurricular events round out the Neve experience. Students explore the full range of the Jewish experience by attending daily classes, retreats, volunteering and travel opportunities.

Neve students are housed in two air-conditioned and fully-furnished dormitories and have meals in the dining hall. Three academic buildings provide classrooms, computer and science laboratories, a student lounge and laundry room, libraries and administrative offices. The campus also houses the Neve Family Institute and its Counseling Center, as well as a high school for girls who immigrated to Israel from English-speaking countries.

About Neve

The women at Neve are well-educated and intellectually curious. The student body is comprised of high school graduates, college students, professionals and academics. They come from diverse backgrounds, and yet, they all have one goal in common: They want to explore their Jewish heritage.

Neve programs are conducted in English, and all students must have proficiency of the English language.

Map statistics courtesy the Neve Database Department - December 2019
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